Free Day Friday: Pink One Shoulder Dress

June 17, 2011-

By Lauren

Hey Lauren- I know most of your dresses are from reality shows and celebrities but I have been going crazy trying to find this one dress I originally found in a store but never purchased. I was wondering if you could help me track it down…Please help if you can. Thank you! I’ll attach a photo from the stores (Pitaya’s) blog. Melanie

One Shoulder Ruffle Shift Dress – Pitaya – Sold Out

Well Melanie, this is nice change of pace! I’ve always wanted to be a personal shopper, and today, I will be. And you’e inspired me: From now on, I plan to take requests outside of Housewives style for my Friday blog, whether they are about something you’ve seen in a store you want, something a non-Housewives celeb is wearing, fashion questions…Just about anything!

The dress is out of stock at Pitaya (as you know) and everywhere else I looked, but I found you an almost identical matches in other colors and some light pink “Style Stealers”! And, I must admit, it was rather liberating to look for a pink, one-shoulder dress not seen on Gretchen Rossi. I’m liking this “Free Day Friday” think already…


Flowing One Shoulder Dress Blue $32

Flowing One Shoulder Dress Green $32


Alice & Olivia One Shoulder Drape Dress $242

One Shoulder Waterfall Dress $68.96

One Shoulder Bat Wing Dress with Rhinestone $159

Also available in Blue and Black

Enter Coupon Code BBHB10 at Checkout for an exclusive 10% off and free shipping at

Light Pink One Shoulder Dress $129.99

Lovely Pink Dress $49


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