Garcelle Beauvias’ Black Cut Out Jumpsuit

Season 10 Episode 1 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fashion

Oh boy do I love a versatile piece of clothing and Garcelle Beauvias’ black cut out jumpsuit is just that! Never would I have thought that this jumpsuit would be available on a website known for workout clothing when I saw the RHOBH newbie rocking it on a GNO.

I could already tell from other previews of Season 10 that I was going to love Garcelle’s style and this particular look just sealed the deal. The idea of being able to wear something that I work out in outside of the gym and have no one even notice is just so exciting to me. Some people, a.k.a my mom, give me crap for wearing my work out clothes “out”. I mean I don’t do it all the time, but sometimes I just want to be comfortable. Garcelle’s jumpsuit made me excited to do it even more once everything opens back up. I can just go to my workout class then straight to drinks on the patio with out skipping a beat. With the way things are lately I’ll take any joy that I can get and that includes taking the newest BH babe’s style straight to my closet.


Sincerely Stylish,



Garcelle Beauvias' Black Cut Out Jumpsuit

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