Get Gretchen Rossi’s Body in Time for The Weekend! Well, sort of…

June 3, 2011-

By Lauren

I haven’t totally lost it or gone creepy, but this is a little Friday tale that is definitely worth sharing for those looking for some weekend confidence. I thought about keeping it to myself, but decided I would be doing a serious disservice by keeping those who don’t know in the dark.

So, as I was reading through information on I stumbled upon the fact that Gretchen is a HUGE fan of the Victoria’s Secret Miraculous Bra, which I had also heard was a fave of Kelly Ripa’s. Being someone who needs a little bit (okay a lot) of assistance in that department, I am always looking for a solution that doesn’t involve sharp objects or the potential of being put under and never waking up. Having often heard Gretchen’s claim of being the only OC Housewife without plastic surgery, I decided to head to Victoria’s Secret and put her claim to the test. And yes, I’m that bored, and yes, my son is traumatized from being dragged to Victoria’s Secret twice in two days, but it was technically research for this post!

The claim is that the bra adds up to two cup sizes, and I kid you not, it lives up to it’s claim. I seriously think that people who haven’t seen me in awhile want to ask if I went under the knife, but don’t know how. And it ends up, the more people I tell, the more people who let me in on the fact that it’s their dirty little secret too. And today, it just so happens to be on SALE….

Miraculous Multi-Way Bra SALE $41

Original Miraculous Push Up Bra SALE $37


Why do I have the feeling I’m going to have a serious spike in male readers today?


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  1. Sherri Rosales says

    Hello again. I LOVE this site..! I’m not sure if you read my last comment to you. But i wanted to know if you could find out..where to Gretchens necklace that sh wore to the fashion show luchen with the girls? I loved it and cant find out where she got it..Thanks for any info Sherri in AZ

    • Lauren says

      Hi! I did! Thank you for posting! I will check into it, but have an inbox full of requests so patience it’s appreciated. It takes a long time to search for a lot of these things! Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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