Uptown Frills Soap

Spoil yourself with the luxuries that life has to offer! Naturally, all Real Housewives want the best, and so should you! So enter here for the chance to indulge in Uptown Frills Luxury Soap. Each soap begins with a natural cocoa butter (No SLS) vegetable glycerin base and then more natural ingredients are added for unique skincare benefits. In addition, only pure essential oils are used for scent and no chemical fragrances are added. The outcome? A creamy, low-lather soap with superb results for your skin!


Enter here to win 10 full-sized bars of luxury soap, a selection of one of each soap from the Uptown Frills line, 2 bath puffs, 1 wash cloth, 1 hand towel and 1 carrying tub here! 


Visit UptownFrills.com for a look at their full product line


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