Grace Adler’s White Satin Robe

Will and Grace Season 2 Episode 6 Fashion

Grace Adler’s white satin robe is beautiful and sexy. After the pajamas that D Schwimmer saw her in a few weeks ago, this is a huge improvement. On our wedding night my husband bought me a stunning (and expensive) white lace satin robe and matching dress that waited for me when we got to our wedding suite (TMI?). I wore it once and then lost it. I’m still heart broken over it. As much as I try to wear sexy or beautiful robes and pajamas, I end up looking like Grace. It’s just so much more comfortable! I mean, sweatpants and a hoodie? So much cozier than satin, to my husband’s chagrin. I heard in the new Wreck it Ralph movie Sarah Silverman’s character convinces all of the Disney princesses to wear hoodies and sweatpants and changes their lives. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about, right?

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Grace Adler's White Satin Robe

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