Gretchen Rossi’s Gold “G” Necklace

June 11, 2013-

By Lauren

Any idea where Gretchen got her gold monogram necklace she’s been wearing this season?? Dawnielle via Big Blonde Hair on Facebook

Let’s just consider Gretchen Rossi’s gold G interview necklace a more economical, and equally pretty version of a Rolls Royce…

Gretchen Rossi’s Gold “G” Necklace worn During Her Interviews with her Green Shirt

Gretchen Rossis G Necklace During Her Interviews

Gretchen’s Necklace was a Gift from Slade Custom Made by

Style Stealers:

Diamond Circle Initial Pendant

Circle Initial Pendant 

Reeds Jewelers Circle Initial Pendant

Gold Initial Pendant

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  1. Shellie says

    Hi! Any idea where Alexis crystal cross necklace is from? She wears it during the interviews on the show. Thanks!

  2. Trish says

    Does anyone know who makes the green top she’s wearing in these interviews?! I really want to find it!

    • CMF says

      You can contact B’s Jewelers in Sun Prairie, WI. This is the jeweler who custom made Gretchen’s “G” Nikki Lissoni Pendant. I have left their contact information below for your convenience.
      B’s Jewelers – or 608-837-4740

  3. Daniela milanez says

    Any idea about the cross that Teresa Guidice wears this season. She has it on at the retreat.

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