Hi! Do you know who makes the trench coat with red piping that Gretchen is wearing? Thanks! Erin via Big Blonde Hair on Facebook

I have to say, as much as I hate to see Gretchen and Slade fight, seeing Gretchen get emotional over the situation is really one of the most touching and real things I’ve seen on Real Housewives in quite some time.  And since I hated to see them fight, I was sure to focus on finding her tan trench coat with red / orange trim that she wore during the convo. Mission accomplished.  Now lets hope they’ve kissed and made up.

Side note: How gorgeous did Gretchen look in this scene? Love the hair and makeup! #stunning

Gretchen Rossi’s Khaki Orange Trim Trench Coat Talking to Slade

Gretchen Rossi Red Trim Tan Trench Talking To Slade Bebe

Bebe Color Orange Red Trim Trench Coat

Bebe Color Trim Trench Coat – SOLD OUT

Style Stealer:

Contrast Trim Trench Coat

Contrast Piped Trench Coat

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