Purple. Not my favorite color. I had a purple maternity tunic back in the day, and when I look back at the pictures I definitely look like I was about to give birth to Barney’s child.  But then Gretchen Rossi comes strolling into her voice lesson on Real Housewives of Orange County looking good in her purple ensemble. The grey accents were perfection. And she almost makes me forget my Barney flashbacks, and makes me want give purple a second chance. And I’m going to. After I burn all the old pictures.

Gretchen Rossi’s Purple “In The Car with Slade” Sunglasses

Puple Gucci Sunglasses

Gucci 3164 sunglasses $185

Thank you @GretchenRossi for sharing the info!

Style Stealer:

DG Eyewear

Dg Eyewear Vintage Retro Fashion Cat Eye Sunglasses Womens Purple D837 $9.95

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