Hey Big Blonde Hair Readers, guest blog today! Here’s some fab insight on how to become your own personal stylist from Lindsey of Cinderellas Glass Closet. She’s interviewed a boat-load of well-dressed celebs and stylists, and she’s going to share the tips that she’s gathered to keep your look celeb worthy all the time. 


I am excited to be a guest blogger for The Big Blonde Hair. I love the blog’s style, and we have similar taste, and I am a huge fan. For today’s blog I want to write about fashion tips that I have learned from my interviews with stylists, fashion icons, celebrities, and I’ve thrown in a few of my own ideas.

When it comes to the world of fashion many of us love it, but we may not be able to afford a stylist like our favorite celebrities can. There for I want to summarize some techniques I have learned so that we can think like a stylist even if we can not afford one. I will first write my own tips, and then add advice from celebrities that I have interviewed along the way.


  1. DAY DREAM: Your closet should tell a story about who you are. What do you want the story to say? And just like any good book it should have staples-Key pieces. I will discuss what those should be in a minute. One way to get inspired is to flip through magazines. You can even cut photos out of them and glue them on a board.
  1. PLAY DRESS UP: Get in your own closet, and play. Find out what fits and what doesn’t. Remember the jeans from high school or your pre baby clothes that have been sitting there for years? Just toss (or donate) them. Love who you are now, and if the items are years old then they are out of style anyway..
  1. THE CODES: Figure out your “dress code.” What do you need more of and what do you need less of? Write that information down for when you go shopping. Next, put all the clothes back in your closet that you got out for “dress up.” Color coding your closet really helps you not only match your clothes, but it gives you a good picture of what you have, and do not have.
  1. LIST IT AND TOSS IT: By now you should have a pile of clothes on your floor that do not fit or are out of style-toss or donate them. Next, make a list of what you need or what you are missing. It is important to have those “key pieces” that I spoke of earlier. Key pieces are the ones that you can mix, match, and wear with almost anything. These may include camisoles, scarves, some key items of jewelry, a good handbag, a couple jackets, different belts-You get the idea.
  1. SHOP: Now you are ready to shop and fill the gaps in your closet. Do not be afraid to try new things, and new stores, but do not go over board. Lastly, my big shopping recommendation is to bring a friend and a camera. Take photos of some potential outfits to get a good of what you look like. It will help you decide on what to buy and what to leave at the store.


I have interviewed approximately 15-20 celebrities and fashion icons this month. I do not have all the interviews posted yet (some I do have posted), but I will give you a sneak peek in to what they have to say….

KIM D: (Real Housewives of New Jersey and owner of The Posche Boutique): Kim reminds me to shop in boutiques. They often times offer designers that other stores do not. Sometimes big name designers only work with small boutiques.

KIM MARCO PIRRELLA: (Real Housewives of New Jersey / Sister to Melissa Marco Gorga)-Wear what you feel good in and not what others tell you that you look good in. If you are uncomfortable in it then you will be self-conscious.

CESAR GAVIRIA (Stylist to Sonja Morgan): Accessories and clothing are equally important, and remember to accessorize each outfit (You should own “key” accessories).

AUTUMN HAWK: (Designer, and famous for the Red Zipper Dresses): Versatility is important.

JENE LUCIANI ( Fashion/stylist guru, and famous for writing: “The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra) She has a lot of good advice. However the bottom line is the fact that the right bra makes the outfit.

JOSIE STEVEN (She is from E! Married To Rock): Invest in a good tailor. A poor fitting outfit will not be flattering.

SONJA T. MORGAN (Real Housewives of New York City): Try Sample Sales or outlets. Shop while on vacation or in other countries if possible. It will inspire you.

JASON C. PETERS (Designer, Reality Star, Model): Fashion is for everyone. It does not matter what shape you are or the color of you skin. Fashion is about equality, and it should make you feel beautiful. He has a strong message about equality.

I hope that you enjoyed my guest blog today. For more tips or to see the complete interviews please visit my blog, Cinderella’s Glass Closet: http://www.cinderellasglasscloset.org/  I want to say The Big Blonde Hair for letting me visit. They will be posting a blothis blog and I am too. Thank you!

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