Hannah Brown’s Pink Keyhole Jumpsuit

January 22, 2019-

By Faryn Wegler

Hannah Brown’s Pink Keyhole Jumpsuit at the Rose Ceremony

The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 3 Fashion

Although she may have a “beautiful monster” inside of her (lol), Hannah Brown covered it up perfectly in her beautiful pink keyhole jumpsuit at last night’s rose ceremony. I’ve noticed that a lot of these girls have been shopping from the same sites, and am patiently waiting for the day that Hannah and Caelynn show up to a rose ceremony accidentally wearing the same thing. Rawrrrr!

I have to say kudos to the producers for setting this pageant drama up, because it’s proving to be great entertainment. While both girls aren’t really saying how the fight started, I have a feeling it was over something really small like a stolen can of hairspray. Or maybe Hannah wore this jumpsuit as part of the evening wear competition and Caelynn got jealous? Who knows. If only we could get Gracie-Lou Freebush from Miss Congeniality to come in and settle things once and for all.



Hannah Brown’s Pink Keyhole Jumpsuit

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