Hannah Godwin’s Red Smocked Top

March 5, 2019-

By Faryn Wegler

Hannah Godwin’s Red Smocked Top in Portugal

The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 9 Fashion

Between the smocked bodice and cute ruffle trim, Hannah Godwin’s red smocked top in Portugal was definitely the perfect combination of sexy and sweet. Aka the exact words Colton keeps using on repeat to describe her (actually wait lol, that’s Cassie). But they definitely still apply to Hannah G. too!

I can’t believe that we barely got to see Hannah G. on this episode, and I feel so bad that during all the drama going down she was probably just sitting in her hotel room thinking about her non-existent fantasy suite date. But then again, it appears as though justice was served to her after all…because while she may not have been successful in scooping up Colton, she totally scooped up this cute top before it sold out.



Hannah Godwin’s Red Smocked Top

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