Many people have been inquiring about Tamra ( Barney ) Judge’s crystal hoop dinner party earrings in Hawaii, and I’ve been unable to find them. In fact, there was even a complaint that I was finding too many of Heather Dubrow’s earrings, when I should apparently be spending my days looking for other earrings. And so I directed that complaint to the complaint department (me). And this post is my sincere response…

I do have four year old, after all.

Heather Dubrow’s Double Triangle Earrings at Shannon Beador’s Dinner Party

Janis Savitt Double Triangle Earrings

Janis Savitt Crystal Double Triangle Earrings

Janis by Janis Savitt Double Pyramid Crystal Earrings (Sold Out)

Style Stealer:

Janis By Janis Savitt Crystal Pyramid Earrings

Janis By Janis Savitt Crystal Pyramid Earrings Available Here

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