Very few things in life are black and white, however I can tell you three things that are; 1) Heather Dubrow’s jacket. 2) The fact that Heather Dubrow has great style. 3) The fact that if you live in a climate where this jacket is weather-appropriate this time of year, I am jealous of you. Insanely jealous.

And who says things on the Real Housewives aren’t exactly what they seem?

Heather Dubrow’s White Leather Jacket on Instagram

McGInnis Brandi Jacket Brandi Leather Jack By McGinn Available Here

Style Stealer:

Amalia Black and White Leather Jacket From Club Monaco

Amalia Cable Sweater Jacket Available Here

Helene Berman Women's Leather Jacket

Women’s Leather Jacket Available Here

Tulah Mind's Eye Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket by Tulah Available Here

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