I am officially declaring myself important enough to think that people care about what I am saying enough to have a blog. Everyone else is doing it, why not me? I find that everytime I post a status update on Facebook about fashion, I get comments, so I am running with it.

This blog will be devoted to wearable, usable fashion.I work for a designer clothing line and have worked in the fashion idustry for awhile, so I know a little bit… Whether I’m posting links to great fashion pieces at great prices or talking about the most inexpensive, best brand of hair extensions, I will offer up tips to fashionistas on a budget. I also will cover other topics that are of interest to the shallow…Celeb gossip, trashy reading, pop music…The good stuff.

I live in Chicago and am from Detroit, so this won’t be a pretentious, fake New York or LA blog. No Dolce & Gabbana (I love it, but have I ever owned it?) I love fashion…BUT I eat deep dish pizza as opposed to eating ice and smoking a pack a day.

Give me comments, ideas, questions…I would love to hear it all!