This corset by Nicole Bakti and feather skirt by Issue are the ultimate snow princess look! Leave it to Celebrity Stylist Meital B. of to pick out such a showstopper for her holiday own look! And I know you were eyeing it in black when Melissa Gorga wore it last year and I felt like such a princess wearing it in white. Meital better let us in on her pics, because she’s going to rock the holidays in this look.

In the video, Meital is looking hot in the Casting Patent Leather Biker Pant  and the Jeweled Chunky Necklace by Black, which coincidentally also ended up coming back to Chicago with me.

And check out this Reve Boutique shopper I met in the store doing her best Melissa Gorga and trying the look on in black to wear to a wedding. The bride may be jealous!

Feather Dress

 Black Ostrich Feather Skirt $149

Nicole Bakti Rhinestone Corset as Seen on Melissa Gorga $209

Nicole Bakti CorsetIssue Feather Skirt in White $149

Nicole Bakti Rhinestone Corset in White $209

This year Celebrity Stylist Meital B. of and I are giving you the gift of style.  Don’t return it, it’s non-refundable and if you don’t use it, next year we’ll give you coal. Or something that says Ed Hardy on it.


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I’d love to thank Meital B. for letting me galavant around Reve Boutique, trying everything on and disrupting the course of business by “Oooh-ing” and “Ahhh-ing” over everything in the store.  I had such a fabulous time and was really in awe of her talent as a Stylist and am so lucky to have worked with her on this! I truly am a fan of Meital B. and Reve Boutique.

Also, a very special thanks to Maria for all of the camera help. I hope your boys weren’t too upset by the time they heard back from you 😉