I am outside of Detroit visiting my parents this weekend and my husband and I decided to go out and grab some drinks downtown last night, posing the ultimate question: What do I wear while going out in a place where I could run into people from high school? I couldn’t throw on a short dress or get too dressed up because I would stick out like a sore thumb, but I definitely wasn’t slumming it. The point was to say “Hi, how are you? Now I don’t have braces anymore and no I’m not trying to hard” without speaking. So I decided to go with my favorite of summer go to’s, white jeans, and pair them with a cute top and some statement making accessories.  And let me just say I definitely had a better time than 12 years ago when I was wearing the metal in my mouth, as opposed to around my neck…

Celine Sunglasses

Shredded Sleeve Top: Akira Chicago (In Store) / White Jeans: AG Jenas Available Here/ Purse: Gucci Soho Chain Bag Available Here / Shoes: Zara Ankle Strap Sandal Available Here / Sunglasses: Celine Available In Store at Barney’s / Necklace: Chunky Chain Necklace Available Here (Also in Red)

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