I’m love, love, loving this Savee Couture Ombre Cowl Draped Dress  as seen on Teresa Giudice, Tracy DiMarco and Little Kim. Three different ladies with one thing in common, other than the fact that I’d never want to meet them alone in a dark alley on a bad day – They all get their Savee at ReveBoutique.com.  Rather rock it in Hot Pink? Zebra Print? Peacock? Reve Boutique can custom order this dress for you in 30+ colors and prints.

Hot Holiday Look 4

Savee Couture Ombre Dress


Teresa Giudice Ombre Dress


Traci DiMarci Savee Couture


Lil Kim Savee Couture

 Savee Couture Grey Ombre Cowl Dress $269

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