Bon Blossman and Whitney Whatley

The Mother-Daughter relationship can be a complicated one, but super down to earth and charming Big Rich Texas Stars Dr. Bon Blossman and Whitney Whatley  have it down to a science. They’re fun, laid back and have a dynamic more like friends then mother and daughter. had the pleasure of chatting with both of them about what’s to come on Season 3 of Big Rich Texas,  Whitney’s upcoming nuptials , Dr. Bon’s upcoming projects and even the Big B  (Yes, I mean Botox).   

Bon, you have a lot going on: Super educated, CEO, Author, Reality TV Star and you are a mom. How do you balance it all? How do you keep everything in order and accomplish so much?

Bon: I don’t sleep much. It’s laughable, but I really don’t. I stay up late and I get up early. My insomnia helps, but I also have ADHD, which is a disability for a lot of people, but it just makes me multi-task. Those two things combined just do it.

Also, being a screw up as a teenager; I dropped out (of high school), had Whitney, got married at 17 and got divorced. I think that made me ultra-ambitious.

BBH: I think it’s a great story that really shows people how they can turn things around.

Whitney: Exactly, going from having a GED to a PHD. It’s an awesome story.

Whitney, How has being on Big Rich Texas changed your life on a day to day basis?

W: People recognize me everywhere I go. For instance I would go hang out at the tattoo shop with Booger, (and once) this fan drove by and said “I saw your car so I had to come in and take a picture with you”.

That’s great. 

W: Yes I have a lot of positive feedback from them (fans) but there are some negatives, people just go online and bash you because they have no life.

Bon Blossman from PHD to GED

BBH: Bon, you’ve accomplished a lot and have been in the spotlight. How is being in the public eye on a Reality Show different from being an author or a class professor?

B: It’s definitely affected some things in my life negatively. I think I have probably lost some respect in the classroom just because they see the other side of me (on the show) that people don’t normally see of their professors, getting crazy and involved in drama.

I used to have puppets in the classroom to make learning fun; I really can’t do that anymore because people are going to just think I am making a joke out of it, but I’m not. So my teaching style has changed. That is why I am moving into online video tutorials (using methods) like a puppet show to teach Bio Chemistry. People learn better when they are laughing.

Other than that it has been very positive. We go places and people are really, really nice when they recognize us.

W: I did get yelled at that the airport one time.

BBH: Really? About what?

Causing the scene at the restaurant (on the show). The woman yelled at me, I apologized, and then she said “I like your show” .

BBH: That’s nice at least. Now for the two of you, has being on the show changed your relationship as mother and daughter?

B: I think we have grown closer, just for the fact of spending so much time together. Whitney moved off to Florida when she became an adult, basically, and we didn’t see each other as much. We talked on the phone, but this has actually been really good for our relationship, even though Whitney is edited pretty harshly. She is really sarcastic, but in a funny way.

W: And I have a dry (sense of) humor.

B: She does not mean it.

Big Rich Texas

BBH: Bon, you obviously don’t look like the typical professor or PHD. Do you think this has helped you accomplish things along the way or made it more of a challenge?

B: Oh it’s DEFINITELY made it more of a challenge, without a doubt. People don’t take me as seriously, but you just have to overcome it. Like the first day of class everyone would look at me like “Ohhhhkay” and then I start lecturing and they’re like “It’s going to be okay”.

BBH: It’s great that you’ve been overcome that too. It’s always nice to see that you can still look good, be hot and accomplish all of these things.

Speaking of looks, there is definitely a signature Dallas look, kind of a stereotype, with the blonde hair etc. For the readers that want that Dallas girl, Big Rich Texas look, what are your secrets?

B: Botox! We all get Botox, it’s like the Botox capital of the world. We don’t like aging here in Texas.

W: Bleach! Lots of bleach!

B: The majority of us are blonde, whether we are blonde (naturally) or not. Whitney is a natural blonde but she goes blonder.

My hair is brown and I don’t care, I bleach the hell out of it! I think blondes have more fun! And we have the big hair thing going, even though it’s not the 80’s anymore. I wear extensions. I used to have clip ins but now I have tape, and they are awesome.

BBH: Whitney, you have the blonde hair but also the tattoos and the piercings. Is that also a typical Texas look?

W: I stand out a little bit because I would say that the majority of the girls in Texas don’t have tattoos.

BBH: It’s always good to be different.

What are your favorite designers and favorite places to shop?

B: 100% BCBG is my favorite. I think I wear BCBG half the time you see me on the show. It’s colorful and you just know it’s going to fit. I always know I can find something there.

W: I like Bebe.

BBH: What is your favorite item in your closet?

B: I am going to say the disco ball dress that I wore during Season 1 when Kalyn said I looked like a disco ball and made fun of me. It’s floor length, metallic, liquid metal. I love it and I would wear it 10,000 times if I could get away with it. It’s Nicole Miller.

W: I don’t really know. Probably my Ugg boots with fur.

BBH: Bon you are super busy. Any beauty tips that you would like to share with the readers that keep you looking good while you are running around?

B: I never go out without fake eyelashes. I don’t care if you don’t have any makeup on, if you stick some fake eyelashes on then you look fabulous no matter what. I think you can go with fake lashes with a bit of liner and nothing else.

W: I think you should go all natural a day or two, because people don’t need to put on all that makeup to look pretty.

BBH: People are going to like that, Whitney. That’s easy!

What can we expect from the rest of the season?

W: There is a lot of fighting.

B: My friend Connie is a beast.

W: She is very quiet through Season 1, 2 and even 3, but the last episode she gets crunk!

BBH: Anything else?

W: Oh yeah, I got engaged.

BBH: Congrats!

W: Thank you.

B: It’s a huge rock!

W: My man loves me.

BBH: Very exciting. Wedding plans right now?

W: Our date is Halloween next year, 2013. 13 bridesmaids and 13 groomsmen and it’s going to be like black, Gothic style.

BBH: What kind of dress are you thinking about?

W: I want a black dress.

B: It’s definitely going to be custom-made.

BBH: Bon, what can we expect for you coming up outside of the show?

B: I have Volume 3 of Fiona Frost, Fatal Souvenirs, coming out in late January / early February, so I am focusing on that right now and of course the You Tube tutorial series. I am going to start off with college level and then per request (answer additional questions). My talent with teaching is breaking things down to an elementary level. So that is why I am hoping I can help the college students out there and just have fun with it because I have puppets. Those are my two big projects.

BBH: What do you have coming up Whitney?

W: Actually Booger and I have been talking about making a clothing line. Just something funky and do it where if you buy our clothing some of it (profits) goes to a charity.

Editors note: Soon after our interview Whitney announced to OK Magazine that she is pregnant. Congratulations to her and her fiance Brandon! 

BBH: Please keep posted on that! Thank you both for chatting with me, it was a pleasure!

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A big thank you to Dr. Bon and Whitney for taking the time to chat with, it was truly a pleasure!

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