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Real Housewives of Miami Star and Model Joanna Krupa strikes a pose at the Neiman Marcus Shoe Salon on Two

Last night, had the pleasure of meeting Real Housewives of Miami Star, Model and former Chicago Native Joanna Krupa at Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue while celebrating the re-opening of the Shoe Salon on Two with Chicago Splash. Krupa was stunning in a backless, chiffon, gown, and is as warm and charming as she is gorgeous. Check out what she had to say about fashion, her-co stars wearing fur and which Real Housewives have the best style. 

Also, please be sure to check out Krupa’s charity, Angels for Animals Rescue at to learn more and support a great cause.  Joanna, although you now live in Miami and travel around the world as a model, you grew up in Chicago. The Midwest often gets a bad rap for it’s fashion sense. What is a positive thing you can say about style here?

Joanna Krupa: I was born in Poland, but grew up in Chicago (after age) five and I believe the women in the Midwest definitely dress more conservatively on a daily basis but (are) super classy and chic. If you go to the restaurants and hot spots downtown Chicago you will see all types of women dressed to the nines.

BBH: You were surrounded by gorgeous shoes during your event at the Shoe Salon on Two at Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue. Who are your favorite shoe designers?

JK: I have to be honest and say my favorite shoe designers change all the time it all depends on the shoe. I am not a “labels” type of girl; my shoe collection ranges from Steve Madden and Aldo to Giuseppe and Casedei. I don’t believe spending a fortune on shoes is necessary because now there is such a wide range of designers that have great styles of shoes.

Before I buy a pair of shoes I think about what i could do with that money and usually that keeps me from spending a lot on shoes. I would rather focus it on my charity and save a life. Don’t get me wrong, I work very hard and think I deserve to enjoy the better things in life, but I also don’t buy a lot of things that I can live without (so I can) focus that on giving back.

Joanna Krupa on the red carpet at Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue
Joanna Krupa on the red carpet at Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue

BBH: In general, where are your favorite places to shop?

JK: I love big mall stores like Neiman Marcus as they have a very large variety of designers and all price ranges. My other  favorites are Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, (they are) like a one stop shop.

BBH: Who is your favorite designer?

JK: My favorite (designer) for handbags is Stella McCartney because she is an animal lover and all of her stuff is animal cruelty free. I wish more designers would look at her as an inspiration and a role model and stop killing innocent helpless animals for fashion! (Also) I don’t support any designer that sells fur.

BBH: You’ve traveled for modeling and are originally from Poland. Which place in the world has the best dressed women?

JK: It is hard to pin-point one place, but I would say European women have the greatest sense of fashion.

BBH: In your opinion, which Real Housewives franchise has the best style?

JK: I think Miami and Beverly Hills go head to head, but Miami is younger and (the women have a) much sexier style.

BBH: Many of the other Real Housewives wear fur. As an animal advocate and PETA supporter, is this ever an issue you call attention to?

JK: Oh I did have a fit last season when one of the women wore fur!

I am here to spread awareness; everyone makes their own decisions and I believe in karma. With all of the knowledge out there (about) how animals are skinned alive for fur, when I see a woman wearing it, I feel sorry for that woman. The first thing that comes into my head is a heartless human being. She must be so insecure in her own skin that she needs to wear a furry animal in order to feel (that) she is something.

BBH: What fashion tips would you give to women who love your style?

JK: Pick an outfit that fits your body type and compliments it.

A Big Blonde thank you to Joanna for taking the time to chat with us. Follow @JoannaKrupa on Twitter,  @JoannaKrupa on Instagram and learn more about her charity at

Real Housewives of Miami Star and Model Joanna Krupa with Lauren Sebastian of
Real Housewives of Miami Star and Model Joanna Krupa with Lauren Sebastian of

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