She’s the girl next door with the style you love a personality to match—If you live in a big ole’ mansion, that is. That’s right, today we’re talking fashion, makeup and interiors with our favorite Real Housewives of Dallas blonde, Stephanie Hollman. So whether you’re looking for the scoop on how she gets that pretty pink pout, her favorite places to steal a deal on designer clothing or her home decor go-to’s, Stephanie is dishing to us on all of her best kept lifestyle tips and secrets. And after reading about her down to earth approach on her life and style, you might just want to see if the big ole’ mansion next door to hers is actually for sale so you can be besties.

Stepahanie Hollman Real Housewives of Dallas Season Which of the other Real Housewives (of any franchise) has your favorite style?

Stephanie Hollman: I think a lot of them are very stylish! I love Erika Jane (of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). I think she’s fun, plays with style a lot, (is) not afraid to take risks and can also can be very elegant at times. She can go out there and be spunky and fun, but then there are times when she is so put together! I like trying new things out so I appreciate people who take risks.

(I’ve always loved) Kim Zolciak-Biermann   because she takes risks and tries different things. She is also very stylish and fun to watch to see what she is wearing next, because I never know.

BBH: What is your secret for looking so pulled together as a mom of two?

SH: My wardrobe is very funny, I literally have very fancy stuff for when I’m with my husband and things that move well and are comfortable (for when I’m with my kids) because if I’m not comfortable, I’m never going to wear it. I learned that the hard way in life.  

(Even just wearing) jeans and a cute top with a really fun pair of  wedge sneakers or shoes makes the outfit more exciting.  I always wear things that flatter; I know what works on my body and what doesn’t. I can never wear anything that is too blousy and it has to have a waist because I have an hourglass figure. I think once you figure out what works for you and what flatters you then you can go from there.

Even workout clothes right now, like Lululemon, are so cute and stylish. You can get a really cute jacket and a pair of their pants and you’re cozy all day.

BBH: You have gorgeous skin! Do you have any go-to products or skincare secrets?

SH: I’ve always taken very good care of my skin, I never was the girl to lay out or be in the sun, and when spray tanning came out that was Stephanie Hollman Real Housewives of Dallas Fashion Season 1my thing. I use an SPF every day on anything that is showing—my hands, my arms, my face.

My husband and I owned a spa for 8 years and I am a big believer you should get a facial every 4-6 weeks, I think maintenance makes a huge difference. And  I don’t wear a lot of makeup  if I’m just out doing errands and going to the grocery store. My skin is better if I just let it breathe, so I  put a tinted SPF on and lip-gloss and call it a day.

BBH: What do you think defines Dallas style and how does it differ from other parts of the country?

SH: I’ve been going to LA and New York a lot and I feel like it’s more laid back. Dallas women like their shoes to have sparkles all over them—it’s definitely more out there and more fancy. I feel like the women in Dallas never go out of the house without at least their hair done! Even if they are in gym clothes they look pulled together and chic.

BBH: Even though you don’t wear a lot of make-up on a day to day basis, when you’re on the show do you have any lip or eye colors you love or foundation?

SH: My number one question since I’ve done this show is “What lip color do you use?” (I use) Cle de Peau lip liner number 202 and then I put on Number 5  lip gloss from the same company.  It is the most beautiful lip gloss I have ever seen in my life, it’s pretty by itself and it honestly works for any skin tone.  I don’t use a liquid foundation, but  I love (Cle de Peau) powder foundation because its not too heavy — I use the brand for almost everything, but my favorite blush is Orgasm by Nars— I think it’s the perfect color.


BBH: What are your favorite places to shop/brands you love the most ?

SH: I love really love a good sale because clothes are so expensive. Neiman Marcus is my favorite place for sale items. It’s the one place you can buy a Versace dress take it back if you don’t like it.

Stephanie Hollman Real Housewives of Dallas Season 1 Kendra Scott Earrings(For designers) I love Alexander McQueen. I also love Gucci purses—every time I buy a purse it’s Gucci. And I love Club Monaco, they have great casual things because not everything can be expensive.

Also, a store in Dallas called Forty Five Ten is my dream place to shop, it’s amazing! They have clothes you can’t get anywhere, so I love them. They are different and have up-and-coming designers.

BBH: Do you have any more tips for a girl on a budget as to what to splurge on and what to save on?

SH: I was on a budget for many years in my life so for me I would spend money on a good pair of sunglasses and purses. I can find shirts at places like Forever 21 and people will ask me if they are from Chanel. I don’t spend money on trendy things that I think will only be around for one season because it seems like such a waste of money. So for anything trendy I try to find something cheaper.  Also there’s so much great costume jewelry, you can get really great things for a deal.

BBH: You have a beautiful home, where do you shop for your décor or do you use an interior designer?

SH: A lot of times I do work with an Interior Designer, her name is Donna Strain, and she is amazing. This is because our rooms are on such big scale and so we have to buy (pieces like) a big couch. So with her, it’s actually cheaper for us because she can go get a percent off of our furniture and we pay her a flat fee.

I get a lot of stuff for my sons room at Pottery Barn Kids because I think they have some of the cutest kids decor. I also think that Z Gallerie has some really great pieces.  All of the outdoor furniture that we just redid is from Restoration Hardware—we did it at around Christmas time at the end of the season—and got everything about 40% off.  Furniture is another things that you can get really great savings on if you can wait.

Finally, congrats on a successful first season. Is there anything you’re working on related to the show now that the season is over?

It’s funny because I feel like a lot of people do these shows and they have a business reason to do it. For me it was more about finding myself.  If something comes to me organically I’ll run with it, but I’m not trying to push myself to do a T-Shirt line or anything like that.  It’s just not me.

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