Interview: The Style 6 with Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent

November 23, 2015-

By Lauren

Sometimes a new character joins a Big Blonde Hair fave Reality TV show and I think “Ehhhhh, whatever, one season—tops. No reason to get attached” And then, a much needed girl like Lala Kent comes on the scene, and I’m like “This  chick’s going to be good, really good — like, season making good,” and this time, I know I’m right. Lala’s got that effortless, sexy style and attitude that is sure to make this season of Vanderpump Rules totally worth watching and shopping.  So here’s what Pump Rules’ newest, hautest star had to tell Big Blonde Hair about her super sexy style, and her swag that we all wish we had…


Big Blonde Hair: Describe your personal style in 3 words:

Lala Kent –  I would say eclectic, simple, and swag (laughs). I have to throw a little swag into everything! Lala kent vanderpump rules


BBH: What are your favorite designers/places to shop?

LK – I am soooo not fancy. I don’t look at labels at all—If I like it I buy it. I’ll look at anything from Dior to Forever 21. I usually go insane online shopping and on Melrose! I find so much on Melrose for such a good deal, and who doesn’t love a deal?


BBH: Which of your Vanderpump Rules castmates has the best style?

LK: That’s a hard one. My taste is so different than theirs…


BBH: Where are your favorite spots to hang out in LA?

LK – I love The Nice Guy, Chateau Marmont, and my favorite sports bar is Rock & Reilly’s. Those are just a few spots that I frequent—There are so many places I love!


BBH: You’re running late and have 20 minutes to get ready for a night out. What do you pull out of your closet to wear?

LK– A short, tight dress, over-sized jacket, heels, and hoops. I have an obsession with hoop earrings and they are usually huge!

lala kent 2
BBH: What are your go-to makeup products/colors?

LK: Bobbi Brown, Laura MercierI love it all! I’ll mix it up with products like Maybelline and NYX, though. And lip liner is my everything! I usually wear two colors by NYX to make my lips fuller and I love the shade of lip stick called “Tea Rose” which is a by Elf — See, I ain’t fancy! And Ample Pink by MAC is a staple. Damn, I could go on and on about makeup products!


…..Hmmmm, sounds like maybe Lala should start a blog. I mean, I’d read it.


Follow Lala on her website and on Instagram @LalaKent

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