Ivanka Trump’s RNC Speech Pink Sheath Dress

Pink Dress worn by Ivanka During Her July 2016 Speech at the Republican National Convention

DISCLAIMER: This post in no way represents my political affiliation or views, it represents my loyalty to the United Stats of Fashion. Big Blonde Hair is all about making a fashion statement, not a political statement.

Regardless of what I think of The Donald, over the past few years I’ve come to like Ivanka Trump, her sense of style and her business savvy. Maybe it’s because she designed my super affordable winter coat and my favorite summer ankle wrap sandals, or maybe it’s because I think she’s a pretty bright mom of 3 building a fashion empire and looking fab while doing it. And if I wasn’t sure before last night, she further proved her business savvy by wearing an affordable yet sophisticated and wearable dress from her own clothing line to a speech that the world was watching. That is what I call good marketing. You’d be surprised how many people in the public eye don’t get the power of that, or are too lazy to do that PR for their own business ventures.

Case and point? The dress that websites People.com have linked to when IDing Ivanka’s is already sold out and it’s not even the exact  dress (you’ll note Ivanka’s had a slit and no studs). But still, I watched it fly off the rack at Nordstrom and Macys before I had time to post. Now if only Big Blonde Hair let me get off the hook that easily, I might just have time to campaign for political office ;-p.

Ivanka Trump RNC Dress

Ivanka Trumps RNC SPeech Pink Dress Photo Credit New York Post

Ivanka Trump Sleeveless Studded Sheath Dress

Ivanka Trump Sleeveless Studded Sheath Dress (Similar) SOLD OUT

Note the different in detailing on this dress and Ivanka’s. I’ve reached out to her clothing lines Press contact because I can’t find pictures of an exact match from a previous season and will update to let you know if it’s a style from an upcoming collection.


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