Jackie Goldschneider’s Yellow Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 10 Fashion

A week that contains the season premieres of not one, but two, Real Housewives franchises is what I call a good week. It’s also a week that debuts a lot of find-worthy confessional looks, like Jackie Goldschneider’s yellow off the shoulder ruffle dress. Whoever said that blondes can’t wear yellow was totally off, and the proof is in this look. If you’ve got the right bronze glow like Jackie, you can pull off anything which reminds me I need to hit the sunless tanner bottle ASAP.

Based on the preview this look popped up in, the ongoing drama between Jackie and Teresa Guidice is going to pick up right where it left off last season. And if it didn’t, it’s about to as soon as Teresa watches this episode. I love that Jackie has the guts to call her out, yet it terrifies me, just about as badly as this dress selling out before I get to it.

The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair

Jackie Goldschneider's Yellow Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress

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