Jill Kargman’s ‘Eyes’ Box Clutch

Odd Mom Out Season 3 Episode 4 Fashion

All eyes are on Jill Kargman’s ‘eyes’ box clutch! This is the second appearance this whimsical little clutch has made this season and we love it. Maybe it’s Jills way of making sure she can always roll a pair of eyes when all the Upper East Side moms are making her crazy. Or her mother in law. Or any number of things. Another reason to carry around such a cute clutch, besides it being adorable, is that maybe it’s an evil eye warding of the bad NYC vibes. One eye is all it takes, two might be better!

Either way, Jill doesn’t hide her eye rolls and this cheeky bag is a hilarious reminder of that. I loved this midsummer thanksgiving episode and it’s one of the few things that can make me look forward to cold weather. That said, although it was 80 degrees in Chicago on Wednesday, today is literally Thanksgiving weather- 58 degrees this morning. Cue eye roll.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Jill Kargman's 'Eyes' Box Clutch

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