Jo Hernandez Frumpkis’ Tequila Tee Shirt

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce Fashion Season 4 Episode 3

Jo Hernandez Frumpkis’ tequila tee shirt says it all. I mean, tequila in neon on a printed shirt is really all anyone needs as a perfect weekend brunch outfit. It was probably something Jo could have really used when confronting Albert and Delia about their coincidental love triangle. Tequila- not the tee shirt.

I’m not really sure what these stunning women find so attractive about Albert. He’s definitely not the same as Charlotte’s ‘Harry’ on SATC. Both may have been bald and ambitious, but Albert seriously lacks any loyalty that Harry had in abundance. This made me think: Is Delia the Miranda or Samantha? And then who is Jo? There’s definitely some overlap but it’s not too clear. I definitely give Abby the “I’m a Carrie” tee though. And Jo’s ‘Tequila’ tee is definitely perfect. The rest I’m open for debate.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Jo Hernandez Frumpkis' Tequila Tee Shirt

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