Joanna Krupa is a girl who knows what she likes. And apparently, she knew she like her asymmetric jewel embellished dress at Lea Black’s handbag launch, because she worked with the same designer on her amazing wedding dress.

And now that I think about it, I’m just going to take a moment and thank the lord the same transgression didn’t happen to me with that awesome Forever 21 dress I really liked.

Joanna Krupa’s Grey Jewel Strap & Cuff Dress at Lea Black’s Handbag Launch

Dress by Chagoury Couture

Taylor Armstrong Chagoury Couture

Also Seen on Taylor Armstrong

Chagoury Couture Aysymmetric Jewel Dress

Dress by Chagoury Coture (2011)

Cagoury Couture is also the desinger of Joanna Krupa’s gorgeous wedding dress

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