The great thing about a maxi dress is it’s versatility. It’s a great dress for many occasions, that can be sported in most parts of the country for at least 3 seasons of the year. It can be worn all over the country in the Fall, everywhere from Miami—like Joanna Krupa—to in Chicago, layered with a denim or leather jacket—like me.  Errrr, at this rate, make that a down jacket. With tights underneath. And snow boots.

Joanna Krupa’s Purple Maxi Dress with Black Straps

Blaque Label Cross Back Maxi Dress with Slits

Black Maxi Dress

Blaque Label  Slit Maxi Dress in Black Available Here

Green double slit Maxi Dress

Blaque Label Slit Maxi Dress in Green Available Here

Style Stealers:

Blue Strappy Back Maxi Dress

Blaque Label Cross Back Maxi Dress in Blue

Blaque Label Cross Back Maxi Dress Available Here in Blue

Pink Stitch Maxi Dress

Pink Stitch Maxi Dress Available Here

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