On the Ladies of London finale, Juliet Angus let us all know that she has figured out that there is a time to act British and a time to act American in her life.  And I think we are all gracious that she has chosen to act British while shopping for her on-point wardrobe choices like her light blue, orange, and white mesh finale dress. But for as for the rest of her tell-it-like-it-is realness, we will totally claim her here in her hometown of Chicago.

Juliet Angus’ Light Blue, Orange & White Dress

Juliet Angus Light Blue and Orange Dress

Juliet Tangus Light Blue and Orange Dress Stella McCartney

Light Blue and Orange Dress

Stella McCartney Sheer Plisse Dress

Style Stealer:

ABS Mesh Illusion Dress

ABS Mesh Illusion Dress Available Here

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