Kameron Westcott’s J’ADior Ear Jacket

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3 Episode 10 Fashion

I’m obsessed with Kameron Westcott’s J’Adior ear jackets at Cary Deuber’s event, and although it’s pretty obvi who makes them, they deserve a moment. I know that seeing “J’Adior” makes a lot of people think of Carrie Bradshaw in her black and white 8 shirt and tulle skirt, but it makes me think of the knockoff version my college roommate had. What a score that was, you couldn’t tell the diff and no one I knew was the wiser! Unfortunately, knockoffs aren’t as easy to come by these days and I have friends who could definitely call me out on it now. So I guess maybe settling for a deal on eBay is the closest I’ll get!

The Realest Housewife,

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Kameron Westcott's J'ADior Ear Jacket

Dior J’ADior Ear Jacket Not Available Online

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