Kameron Westcott’s Pink Sparkle Dress at Cary’s Party

Season 3 Episode 10 Real Housewives of Dallas Fashion

Kameron Westcott likes her dresses like she likes her dog food—pink and sparkly! And if that isn’t a weird but true statement I don’t know what is! I can’t always say I find Kameran’s style that relatable but I loved the volume on this dress as it made it more fashion forward IMO. It was great for her tall thin frame. But if you’re just here for the pink sparkles, I swear I’ve found most of the fun Style Stealers ever, whether you’re going to a party or just trying to match your dog’s glittery food.

The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair

Kameron Westcott's Pink Sparkle Dress

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Style Stealers:

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