Karen Walker’s Red Swirl Tie Neck Blouse

Will and Grace Season 9 Episode 15 Fashion

She may have blended in to other curtains with this pattern, but Karen Walker’s red swirl tie neck blouse was busy but fun! I guess tie neck blouses are the theme of Will and Grace’s costume room this season. Not that I have a problem with it. And the pattern, well, whoever thought of blending Alec Baldwin into the curtain is a genius worthy of working on… well…Will and Grace. I have no question that these jokesters were hysterically laughing the entire time with Alec on the show.

And then to top it off, Jack playing “don’t touch the lava” on the carpet. I mean, how brilliant was that? I definitely still play that, which becomes a problem on my zebra shag rug…what I think works with this show is that they are all kids at heart. And that’s why I relate so well to them…

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Karen Walker's Red Swirl Tie Neck Blouse

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