Karen Walker’s Tiger Embroidered Tweed Jacket

Will and Grace Season 9 Episode 3 Fashion

Karen Walker’s tiger embroidered tween jacket on Season 9 Episode 3 of Will and Grace is just like her. It looks mean on the outside but is totally sweet. Arriving at a school dressed to thrill, Karen delivered the unfortunate “talk” every girl has eventually. The sweet little actress on the show was a slam dunk, and managed to draw something tender out of a cynical alcoholic.

And we mean cynical alcoholic in the nicest way: Karen says what everyone wants to say unapologetically. It’s like how some people get when they reach a certain age but they just don’t care anymore, which is how Karen has been for the last two decades we’ve known her. And her jacket? It really made us purr.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Karen Walker's Tiger Embroidered Tweed Jacket

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