Karen Walker’s Yellow Blazer

Will and Grace Season 9 Episode 14 Fashion

Ok, everything about the scene with Karen Walker’s yellow blazer was incredibly amazing. Every trump pun, the hidden “Covfeefee” sign, the “delicious chocolate cake” reference. Top to bottom, they thought of every detail. Plus Karen’s double breasted blazer was on point. We won’t get in to politics here, but whatever side you’re on, you have to admit it’s funny. Although that said, if you’re watching Will and Grace, I can guess where you stand.

I don’t remember the show being so outspoken. I mean, yes, it featured one of the earliest gay kisses on prime time TV and was certainly groundbreaking, but I’m surprised there isn’t a flurry of tweets going on every Friday morning. May I suggest the show “Our Cartoon President” if you’re into Will and Grace, and political satire.

Keep it Real,
Sally Steele

Karen Walker's Yellow Blazer

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