Kathryn Dennis’ Gold Crystal Cuffs at the Party Thomas Hosts at his House

Southern Charm Fashion  / Season 3 Episode 11 

Before things went a bit off the rails at the party at Thomas’ house, I most definitely took note of the large, gold, crystal cuffs Kathryn Dennis was wearing.  I took note of them because A) They are hard to miss and B) If you’re a Real Housewives of New Jersey or Orange County fan you’ve seen them about a million times. And while just about every boutique and main stream retailer stocked these and stuck their own name on them at some point (I even bought wholesale and sold them) you can now go straight to the source and get them for under $20.

Southern Charm Season 3 Fashion: Kathryn Dennis gold Crystal stretch cuff

Southern Charm Fashion Season 3 Kathryn Dennis Gold Cuff Bracelet

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