Kathryn Dennis’ Southern Charm Season 4 Reunion Dress

Southern Charm Season 4 Reunion Fashion

Kathryn Dennis’ Southern Charm Season 4 Reunion dress is very dramatic, much like her stint on Southern Charm has been (I use the term “dress” loosely because this scarlet red, off-the-shoulder, 3d floral appliqué is a gown if I’ve ever seen one). I really feel that Kathryn got it together this season and am happy for her, as I also tend to think maybe she got a bad rap for falling in with a crowd who has similar issues and got the short end of the stick as a young mom. I sincerely hope she gets her children back as it was heartbreaking to see her not able to be with them this season.

That being said, I like to use a “to each their own” approach on Big Blonde Hair because I feel fashion is personal, but sometimes I have to chime in a bit. Kathryn’s gown itself is is stunning and is gorgeous on her, however I feel the Bravo Reunion stylist need to create more continuity with the look of the cast (FYI the drill has traditionally been that the Bravoleb brings 3 dresses and the Bravo hired stylist picks one). Cameran and Chelsea are in sheath dresses, Landon is in a maxi and Kathryn is in a gown that retailed for $7995 (leave her alone she may have gotten it on sale) that Katie Perry literally wore to Cannes where sites like Huffington Post dubbed it the “real life dancing emoji dress“. I’ve been covering reunions for a loooong time and they should definitely steer Kathryn towards a younger look next season and perhaps save a dress like this for the inevitable finale gala, or at least have everyone dress up more to give it a bit more flow.

And in the words of my idol Miranda Priestly, that’s all.

Kathryn Dennis wearing a red off the shoulder rose appliqué dress

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 Also Seen on Katie Perry

Photos: @KathrynDennis & Huffington Post Canada

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