Kathy Hilton’s Beauty Pillow on Instastories

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Instagram Beauty 2022

Even though she hashtagged #NotAnAd, Kathy Hilton is totally selling us on her beauty pillow on Instastories. According to her she doesn’t sleep without it because as someone with bad neck aches and headaches it’s like having someone hold your head up, and apparently the super soft material good is very good for the skin and hair. So with that being said, scroll on below so that just like Nurse Kathy you can start having a good night’s sleep with your new teddy beauty bear.





Also Used By Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley:

Kyle Richards' White Beauty Pillow

Dorit Kemsley's White Anti-Wrinkle Pillow in La Quinta

Kathy Hilton’s Beauty Pillow 1

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