Hey Lauren, Did you ever get this posted?  I see she is wearing it this year too on the interview segments within the show! Cindy

Not only do I have amazing and supportive readers, I have readers that are kind enough to send me messages to let me in on Housewives items that they have tracked down. And then they email me again to remind me to post, after I may or may not have lost their original email with the info 3 months ago….Now you know what my mother feels like Cindy. But I guess it makes it less annoying to you since you didn’t get stuck paying for my college too.

Kathy Wakile’s Turquoise Beaded Interview Tunic

Kathy Wakile's Turquoise Beaded Interview Top Blue Beaded

Kareena's Beaded Turquoise Tunic

Kareena’s Tunic with Beaded Design $218

Style Stealer:

Raviya Sheer Embellished Tunic

Raviya Sheer Embellished Tunic $24.99

Victorias Secret Embellished Top Cold Shoulder Sequin

Victoria’s Secret Embellished Top $79.80

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