Steal Her Style: Katie Maloney’s Feyoncé Shirt & Pineapple Pants in New Orleans

Season 5 Episode 16 Vanderpump Rules Fashion

I’m totally in love with Katie Maloney’s Feyoncé shirt. It’s a totally cute tribute to marriage, and to the Queen B—what could be better? As someone who’s already married I’m pretty sad I’ll not have the chance to wear a shirt bearing this statement, but if you’re in my life and single, you’d better believe you’re getting one of these the minute he puts a ring on it.

And you’re totally in love with Katie Maloney’s pineapple / skull hybrid grey sweatpants. Although I can’t really see myself in sweats with fruit on them, you guys loved ’em, so I had to get the scoop. Plus the fact that there’s a skull incorporated makes them the coolest pineapple pants I’d ever seen—even if they are the only.

So here’s to celebrating Tom and Katie’s marriage, in addition to the union of a skull and a pineapple.

Katie Maloney’s Feyoncé Shirt in New Orleans

Katie Maloney's Katie Maloney's Feyoncé Shirt

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Katie Maloney’s Pineapple Pants in New Orleans

Katie Maloney's Feyoncé Shirt & Pineapple Pants in New Orleans

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