Kelly Dodd’s Bee Purse

July 24, 2018-

By Faryn Wegler

Kelly Dodd’s Bee Purse at the Nail Salon with Tamra and Emily

Season 13 Episode 2 Real Housewives of Orange County Fashion

Sooo we’re only 2 episodes into the new season of RHOC, and this is my 3rd Kelly Dodd post to go up so far (and I’m currently working on a 4th). Just judging by those statistics alone, I think it’s easy to conclude that we really love ourselves some Kelly Dodd fashion at BBH…and her bee purse is no exception.

Tamra told Kelly in this episode that she is the most socially active person she knows, which then motivated me to look up her zodiac sign (of course). As it turns out Kelly is Libra, which is an extroverted air sign – thus making her bee purse the perfect accessory for a social butterfly buzzing around town. As long as she doesn’t bump into Michael with his new girlfriend and throw it at them, all is good!



Kelly Dodd's Bee Purse

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  1. virginia bone says

    What gold watch does Kelly Dodd wear? Is it a cartier ballon blue with diamonds??/ Thanks in advance, Beau

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