Kelly Dodd’s Black Lace Sleeve Sweatshirt

October 9, 2018-

By Lauren

Kelly Dodd’s Black Lace Sleeve Sweatshirt at the Soup Kitchen

Season 13 Episode 12 Real Housewives of Orange County Fashion

I must admit, I’m really starting to like Kelly Dodd, and not just because of her black lace sweatshirt. It’s great she’s taking her daughter Jolie to the soup kitchen more than once. To me that means it’s not just something for the show, she’s really working hard to make her daughter a good person.

I’ve heard people criticize her for talking to Jolie like more of an adult or friend than she should. However, that is the way I am with my kids (although more adult and less friend, if you ask my oldest). When Sally Steele and I were in the Hamptons and she heard me talking to my kids on the phone, she was like “Do you talk to them like adults on purpose?” And I really don’t and it’s not a parenting strategy, I just don’t know any other way, probably because I’m an only child myself! For my oldest I feel that it’s attributed to his success and leadership at school, but also being in trouble 24/7 at home because he speaks to me just like I do to him, with a little too much snark and sarcasm. Now if only I could get him to follow in my fashion footsteps and let me pick out his clothes again, like I’m guessing Kelly gets to do for Jolie.

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Kelly Dodd's Black Lace Sleeve Sweatshirt

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