Kelly Dodd’s Button Down Ruffle Dress on Instagram

Real Housewives of Orange County 2020 Instagram Fashion

Kelly Dodd’s button down ruffle dress on Instagram is perfect for a summer weekend with friends, even if it is social distanced. As some of us are going back into quarantine mode I think I’m going to do mine a little different during round two. Last round it was all about the sweatpants and snacks. This time around I want to get dressed more even if it is just to have wine and watch Bravo. Though I will try not to there will probably still be snacks. So a Style Stealer of this dress would be perfect to get all dressed up in and have nowhere to go, aside from my pantry. But at least this time around while getting more snacks at least I can look like one too.


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Kelly Dodd's Button Down Ruffle Dress

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Photo: @kellyddodd