Kelly Dodd’s Green Watercolor Cactus Throw Pillow On Her Couch

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 14 Episode 14 Decor

Luckily for Kelly Dodd, her green watercolor cactus throw pillow isn’t as prickly as some of her current friendships. The OC Positive Beverage owner is as always on point with the latest trends in home fashion, so I wouldn’t expect any less from her choice in throw pillows.

I’m a big fan of the cactus trend as an Arizona baby myself (like Kelly) and adore anything with the print print. But to be honest, I would rather be pricked by an actual cactus than go through the drama Kelly is mixed up in. But  if there’s one thing we know, much like a cacti, Kelly is resilient AF.

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Kelly Dodd's Watercolor Green Cactus Throw Pillow On Her Couch


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