Kelly Dodd’s Grey Sequin Embellished Mini Dress at Peggy and Diko’s 22nd Anniversary Party

Season 12 Episode 14 Real Housewives of Orange County Fashion

Kelly Dodd’s grey sequin embellished mini dress Peggy and Diko’s 22nd Anniversary was a departure for Kelly—correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in anything embellished—but her overall look was a good change for her. In fact, my friend and BBH reader Pam loved it so much, she wanted to know alllll the deets on this look first thing is morning. Unfortunately for Pam, it looks like this piece is sold out in Kelly’s exact color, so it looks like she’ll have to find something else to show up in for our second grade mom’s night out on Thursday  😛 .

Kelly Dodd's Grey Sequin Embellished Mini Dress

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