Kelly Dodd’s Rosé Leggings at CUT Fitness

Season 13 Episode 2 Real Housewives of Orange County Fashion

Kelly Dodd’s rosé leggings at CUT Fitness are the most genius pair of pants I’ve ever seen. Not only are they perfect for working out in, but they serve as a reminder as to why putting yourself through the pain and torture of exercise is always worth it: so you can get a bangin’ bod drink more alcohol obvs.

Another OC housewife (or rather, ex-housewife) I think would really enjoy these pants is Ms. Fancy Pants herself, Heather Dubrow. They’d of course need to have champagne bottles on them rather than rosé, but I can totally picture her breaking a sweat (actually let’s just say “lightly perspiring”…I can’t picture Heather sweating for the life of me) in these. With Kelly making fun of her nearby screaming “the champs, the champs!”



Kelly Dodd's Rosé Leggings

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