Kelly Dodd’s Sequin Gown

January 3, 2020-

By Lauren

Kelly Dodd’s Sequin Gown on Instagram

Real Housewives of Orange County Instagram Fashion

Kelly Dodd’s sequin gown on Instagram was the perfect dress for a black tie event—she looked stunning! I can’t even tell you whose wedding she wore it to, but there were some politically charged guests in the mix based on the pics. Kelly smartly claimed that she isn’t political, which hopefully cut down on the amount of Instagram comments she had to delete. Though I guess I don’t picture Kelly deleting comments anyways.

And I digress. Kelly’s gown is by a designer that the Housewives used to wear 24/7, but don’t as often anymore. And I miss it. My favorite dress I’ve ever worn is by this brand, but thanks to it’s many cutouts it was probably better suited for me 6 years ago back when I rocked it. These days Kelly’s would be more my speed. And speaking of speed I’d better quickly get to shopping, because this glittering gem is almost gone.

The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair

Kelly Dodd's Sequin Gown

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Photo Credit: @kellyddodd

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