Kelly Dodd’s Teal Metallic Canvas Paining in Her Living Room

Season 12 Real Housewives of Orange County Decor

Kelly Dodd’s teal metallic paining in her living room was easily recognizable to me, not because I’m a collector of art, but because I’m a collector of things from Z Gallerie (which I’m pretty sure is the polar opposite of being a collector of art). And while Kelly’s gold metallic canvas starts at about $500, the best thing about Z Gallerie’s paintings is that it is easy to find looks for much, much less. Since I’m a fashion person and not an art person I love finding a good Style Stealer in the art department and being none the wiser. Annnnnd then I like to go spend the money I save on clothes.

Kelly Dodd's Teal Metallic Canvas Paining in Her Living Room

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Style Stealers:

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