Kelly Ripa’s Black and Yellow Floral Dress

Live with Kelly and Ryan Fashion July 17, 2019

Kelly Ripa’s black and yellow floral dress is so gorgeous that after some time digging I found out it’s actually a skirt paired with a matching top! I love matching prints especially the ability to create a ton of outfits with the pieces! And you might be surprised at how many outfits you can create with a floral print skirt if you just get a little creative. I recommend grabbing a pair of combat boots to add some edginess to traditionally feminine looks.

If you tuned into the show, you’re now aware of the bread club on ABC and because Kelly’s skirt is pleated, we too can be in her exclusive “Live Bread Club” without showing off the rolls. A win-win!

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Kelly Ripa's Black and Yellow Floral Dress

Click to See her Erdem Floral Pleated Skirt Sold Out 

Matching Top Currently Unavailable Online

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