Kelly Ripa’s Black Puff Sleeve Dress

Live with Kelly and Ryan October 10, 2018 Fashion

Kelly Ripa’s black puff sleeve dress was extremely special, and let me tell you why. Right off the bat this morning, as she was walking out on Instagram, Kelly was feeling herself in this dress. Have you ever had a dress (or sweatpants, or whatever), that you really felt yourself in? In high school I had a pair of pink Juicy Couture sweatpants that were flattering and I loved. I really felt myself in those, as Kelly did in this dress. There’s nothing wrong with confidence, and when you find that perfect dress, you should wear the crap out of it.

I bought an insanely beautiful $3500 Gucci dress at Nordstrom Rack last year for $500. I wore the crap out of it, to every meeting, event, and dinner I could wear it to. It was hot pink lace with the signature Gucci bow and I felt so good in it. Once I wore it to the bone, I sold it on eBay, so that someone else could enjoy it as much as I did!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Kelly Ripa's Black Puff Sleeve Dress

Kelly’s Co Dress is Sold Out

Credit: Live with Kelly and Ryan Instagram

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