Kelly Ripa’s Geometric Print Wrap Dress

Live with Kelly and Ryan January 30th, 2019 Fashion

Warning: You can pretty much bank on the fact that all of my posts today and going to reference the -24 degree temps in Chicago or being trapped in the house with my family. Actually, it’s not so bad having a little pajama day. Jessica is working at home and here and I have a little assembly line going where she preps the posts, I write, Valentino sleeps (because he woke up at 3:30 AM!) and Little Mark talks my ear off while I type and he plays on his tablet. I’m not quite parent of the year, but fab fashionistas like Kelly Ripa don’t take snow days, so we had to give you the deets on her geometric printed wrap dress on Today’s Live with Kelly and Ryan. Truth be told I have absolutely no idea what’s going on during the show because the volume is down as to not wake sleeping beauty up, but pretty much all I need to know is that Kelly’s dress is on sale for a non-Kelly price, and being stuck in doors in a perfect time to online shop.

The Realest Housewife,

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Kelly Ripa's Geometric Print Wrap Dress

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