Kelly Ripa’s Lavender Long Sleeve Front Tie A Line Dress

Live with Kelly and Ryan February 26, 2018 Fashion

Have you ever seen someone look smaller than Kelly Ripa’s lavender long sleeve front tie a line dress? I mean, she is so petite and wears heavy relatable clothes that can be flattering for anyone. I really love her style and this dress is AMAAAAZING!!

Kelly and Ryan talked about a spinoff from one of my favorite shows- “The Good Wife.” I haven’t quite yet gotten in to “The Good Fight” but I adore the cast and will definitely binge it all. I don’t think I’m alone here, but I cannot find a show to watch with my husband for the life of me. He won’t watch Game of Thrones (WHAT?!), or anything on Bravo (SOB!!), so the most recent compromise that I tricked him into loving was “The Good Wife” since we are both attorneys and super nerds. It’s a great show and what’s fun about it is that the writers consult real attorneys in Chicago that we know, so if you ever want to watch a more realistic legal show, this would be a good one! But more importantly, Kelly’s dresssssss!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Kelly Ripa's Lavender Long Sleeve Front Tie A Line Dress

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Credit: Live with Kelly and Ryan Instagram

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